Hello everybody,

Let me introduce myself, my name is Deniss Tchoumatchenko, I'm 34 years old. I'm software engineer in professional life, but my passion is totally different.

I’m french bodybuilder competing for my 7th year now. The body-building is my real passion, I'm doing it for 16 years now but I'm competing only from 2004... and I'm really loving it, being on stage, showing results of my hard work and diet to people is really exciting and grateful. I started at the weight of 58 kilograms for 5 feets and 9 inches, for competing now at 104 and being during the off season at 120... and it's growing all the time :-), I'm adding about 15 pounds a year.

Here is the list of competitions I took part from the first in 2004 up to present day.


Top de Colmar, over 85, 5th


Top de Colmar, -90kilos, 6th

Grand Prix Weider IFBB, -85kilos, 9th


Top de Colmar, -90 kilos, 6th

Grand Prix IFBB, -85 kilos, 9th


Half Final France IFBB, -100 kilos, 1st

Coupe Rhone Alpes IFBB, +90 kilos, 3d

Top de Colmar + 90 kilos, 6th

Grand Prix Bodyzoi IFBB, +85 kilos, 6th

Finale France IFBB, -100 kilos, 2nd

Grand Prix Weider, +90 kilos


Half Final France IFBB, -100 kilos, 3rd

Finale France IFBB, -100 kilos, 5th

Grand Prix IFBB Paris, +85 kilos, 2nd

Grand Prix Heracles IFBB + 90 kilos, 6th

Grand Prix Due Torri, Italy, over 95kilos, 6th


Half final France IFBB, -100kg, 3rd

Grand Prix Toulouse IFBB, + 85 kilos, 2nd

Grand Prix Heracles, over 85kg, 5th

New Jersey and Tri State Championship NPC, October 2009, Heavyweight, 2nd

IFBB France finals, -100 kilos, 8th


Demi Finale Nord IFBB, + 90 kg, 4ème WBFF Quebec Championship, heavy weight, overall winner.
Finale IFBB, + 90 kg, 6ème Grand Prix des Pyrenées, +90 kg, 4ème.
Top de Colmar, + 85 seniors, 4ème WBFF Championnats de Monde, Pro division, 6ème.