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BioForge // BioForte  


I want to thank you Biotivia to help me during my hard body improvement periods by their supplements allowing to recover after hard diet and contest preparations. Those products are really incredible and too much efficient. I tested two supplements and can certify they rocks !!!

Bio Forge

It's an all Natural Bodybuilding Supplement. A bodybuilders dietary supplement able to amplify the natural muscle-building and fat-burning signals of your body without any harmful unwanted side-effects resulting in an improvement of your overall health! BioForge has an extraordinary solid scientific foundation and is perfectly balanced in its revolutionary ingredients profile and ratio, bringing you the future of natural muscular enhancement. The ingredients are proven to:

  • Enhance lean body mass
  • Reduce fat mass to support better definition
  • Support libido and sexual function
  • Insure faster recovery times and more productive work outs.
  • Boost both total and free testosterone, as verified by serum profiles



Anti-aging, Appetite Control, Energy Boosting. Superior bio availability equals higher strength and efficacy and a far better value.

* Bioforte contains no Cis-resveratrol isomer, a by product of resveratrol processing.
* Bioforte is extracted from wild, natural Polygonum cuspidatum and processed in our own sterile pharmaceutical facilities.
* Bioforte promotes NAD and the Sirt 1-4 longevity enzymes.  The National Advertising Div. substantiated this fact.
* Resveratrol mimics life extension effects of caloric restriction through sirtuin up-regulation and modulation of signaling pathways.
* Our buyers made Bioforte the world's best selling resveratrol and the standard for use by the medical community.

* We are manufacturers, not simply resellers. Quality is assured. We control the processing from root to the finished capsule.
* Contains 100% of the Harvard Study human dose per capsule.  The health effects of resveratrol are highly dose dependent.
* Bioforte contains 250mg of the critical trans-resveratrol. The balance is comprised of valuable resveratrol glucocides.
* Preserved in nitrogen gas to insure 24 month active life.  We further prevent oxidation with our patented "Active Packaging"
* No Quercetin or chemicals which block resveratrol metabolites. We provide the purest bio-enhanced supplement.
* Our product contains no fillers, additives or inorganic expanders such as silica, manganese, titanium, only pure resveratrol.