Great pain joint & muscle relief cream
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I want to thank FlexPower for help and support. After years and years of weight lifting and marital arts praticing, my articulations weren't in grate shape, so applying the FlexPower cream before and after workouts and trainings help me to keep the intensity, stimulate the recovery and avoid the pain. It's a really great product containing MSM and Glucosamine, and I'll continue to use it all over years.


Flex-Power Joint & Muscle Pain Relief Cream’s active ingredient is trolamine salicylate (10%), and also contains MSM and Glucosamine. Flex-Power’s combined ingredients with unique skin-delivery system is what makes it so effective.


Flex-Power Pain Relief Cream utilizes a unique technology to deliver active ingredients for pain relief through the skin. We call this technology Flex-Somes™, which is comprised of microscopic capsules that penetrate quickly and deeply to provide long lasting relief without skin irritation.    

Flex-Somes™ are a proprietary liposome technology, used to microscopically encapsulate nutrients and pharmaceutical ingredients. Liposomes were originally used by the pharmaceutical industry to deliver medications. Liposomes are highly complex microscopic lipid spheres. The membrane of a liposome is made of highly purified natural lecithin that encapsulates water and ingredients.

Use Flex-Power Joint & Muscle Pain Relief Cream to help relieve pain from:
▪ Arthritis
▪ Backache
▪ Shoulder and Neck Pain
▪ Painful Knee, Ankle, Hip and Elbow Joints
▪ Tendonitis, Strains, Sprains & Bruises

And not only is Flex-Power effective, it also has a light-lotion soap fragrance, allowing you to go about your day pain and odor-free.