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DAY 20 REST // Day 6 1-T Tren Cycle

by admin on mai.31, 2009, under Workouts

I’m out, yesterday’s workout was really great, so hard and catabolic. Today I’m feeling myself as smashed by a truck, and a really big one. So rest, sleep and eat are mandatory for the recovery. It’s the key for the anabolic state.

Tomorrow is the scale day, we’ll see if I still progressing. I hope have taken about at least 3 or 4 pounds this week, especially with a 1-T Tren use. Still focused, get big, need to be huge and ripped for the US show.

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DAY 19 LEGS // Day 5 1-T Tren Cycle

by admin on mai.29, 2009, under Workouts

Today is the hardest day, for the end of the week, the leg’s day. Sounds as apocalypse, but if you do that workout right, you can vomit (as Arnold said in Pumping iron),  have a black out or even both together :-). So, let’s describe the workout and my performances today:
- bodyweight squats - 25.
- leg presses - 10//8//6//4//3 - with 880 pounds.
- plate loaded squat press - 10//8//6//4 - with 792 pounds.
- squats - 10//8//6//4//3 - with 374 pounds.

- standing one leg calf raises - 10//10//10 - with 44 pounds.
- seated calf raises - 10//10//10 - with 396 pounds
The workout was really hard, it’s been longtime I didn’t train legs hard (before contests, more than one month ago), so I’m feeling like a pressed lemon, need a big recovery. Hopefully, two days off are coming.

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I love this one

by admin on mai.28, 2009, under Funny things


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27th May, 4th day with 1-T Tren and heavy workout.

by admin on mai.28, 2009, under Mood

I feel myself strong and powerful, great recovery, now need to be careful about articulations.
The big point is also the sleep: deep, great, no more insomnia. I really like the way I am now, mentally I mean (body can be improved more), I really start to love 1-T Tren

My body also changes: impression to lose fat, and gaining only lean mass, for now it’s really visible on shoulders - chest zone, legs are also more cut.

Tomorrow workout (legs) will be the last of the week, and I’ll take the scale measure Sunday, after two days recovery.

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DAY 18 ARMS AND ABS // Day 4 1-T Tren Cycle

by admin on mai.27, 2009, under Workouts

- close grip bench presses - 8//6//4 - with 287 pounds.
- bench dips - 8//6//4 - with 121 pounds.
- cheat barbell curls - 8//6//4 - with 132 pounds.
- smith drag curls - 8//6//4 - with 99 pounds.

- roman chair situps - 10//10//10//10, with 198 pounds.

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DAY 17 REST // Day 3 1-T Tren Cycle

by admin on mai.27, 2009, under Results, Workouts

Today’s first day I’m resting and using T-1 Tren. It’s a little hard, I’m nervous, aggressive and irritable, feeling have too much energy to spend. Hopefully, my colleagues at work are cool, and I’m used to contain the irritability and aggressiveness, so it’s ok, but it’s for me one of the signs 1-T Tren works. I also feel the heat - overstimulated metabolism (good for cutting cycle) and more power. Great, I accumulate all today’s energy for tomorrow’s workout.

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by admin on mai.27, 2009, under Products

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25 may, great impression

by admin on mai.26, 2009, under Mood

First impression for the second day: I’m feeling myself more powerful, more “bad” - it’s really good for hard training. I have a best recovery between sets, took also more weights than usual to perform exercises, all without cheating. Better sleep - really deep one - and best sensation at the wake up, recovered and lucid mind (not so easy to have during really hard training phase).

So, only positives waves for now, thank Primordial for that product, I’m becoming an addict

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DAY 16 WORKOUT, BACK AND ABS // Day 2 1-T Tren Cycle

by admin on mai.25, 2009, under Workouts

- chins - 20 - with bodyweight.
- pull downs - 10//8//6//4 - with 220 pounds.
- barbell bent over rows - 10//8//6//4 - with 265 pounds.
- close grip pull downs - 10//8//6//4 - with 198 pounds.
- dead lifts - 6//6//3 - with 287 pounds.

- cable crunches - 12//12//12//12,  with 143 pounds.

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