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SECOND CYCLE: Heavy weights

by admin on mai.23, 2009, under Diet, Workouts

The cycle starting tomorrow is planned for 4 weeks. The goal is to lift the heaviest weights possible to build strength - and bulk some great quality and density mass. The greatest strength means greatest volume of training, so speeding up the muscle building. The most important thing is to avoid injuries and form breaks, so need to find the right weights quickly.

The difference with the first cycle is the absence of all isolation exercises, means all dumbbell exercises are replaced with barbell ones. Building also strong foundations, allowing to lift more even after, during the cutting cycle.

I keep the same diet during this cycle, adjusting just calories because of my body weight evolution, adding some for new 7 pounds taken in 2 weeks. But the basics still same.

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Today’s feeling

by admin on mai.23, 2009, under Mood

I hate myself today, I hate physic I have. I mean I’m big weared, but when taking off clothes, it’s far to be prefect. I mean, it’s creazy: off season, you looks big with clothers but really small naked. And during contests, big and beautiful naked and small and tiny weared. Never happy with body building, I think that’s why I still focused to be better, bigger, stronger, more ripped, more… all. Endless story, perfection research, I hope one day being a littlle satisfied of work done. Never 100% satisfied, only a little. For that, need to become better. Keep push myself.

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by admin on mai.23, 2009, under Results, Workouts

I’m really excited about tomorrow’s feeling. First day of 1-T Tren cycle.

Today’s scale score was…239 pounds, 3 more than last week. Speed slow down, need to improve performances, tomorrow will be a hard training day, light weight, baby.

I’m doing a little “off diet” day. Beer, cakes, pizza…sometimes it’s really good, especially for the mood.

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by admin on mai.23, 2009, under Workouts

Today is the rest day, tomorrow also, then let’s start the 2nd workouts micro cycle, hard and heavy, to bulk the real mass, shock fibres, grow and anabolise, anabolise and grow.

Tomorrow is also the scale test, as each week, to see if the weights goes always up, we’ll see.

I’ll also start tomorrow my cycle with 1-T Tren from Primordial Performance, to grow really more, I keep you updated.

Keep going, only forward

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