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24 May feelings

by admin on mai.25, 2009, under Mood

Today’s mood: full of energy but many things still in the head, I’m trying to focus myself on the workout…not so easy in fact. I fill pain in right shoulder and elbow, my old and never totally healed injuries. Nothing serious, ordinary tendinitis, never totally done because need about 3 months at least of total recovery, rest, without weights lifting.

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by admin on mai.25, 2009, under Diet, Workouts

The first day of new micro cycle, the second one, consisting of basic exercises, all barbell done, with really heavy weights, about 90 % of the max. Rising strength is useful to grow faster, the problem still same: injuries risk. Need to find the balance between “hard” and “wounded”, so for first I’ll try to adjust weights.

Today is also the beginning of 1-T Tren cycle from Primordial Performance, here are details about:

** 4 pumps applied all around the chest, shoulders and the back after morning shower with scrub.

** Adding insulin shot immediately after the workout, off during rest days. 1 Units for 22 pounds of bodyweight, so 11 Units for me. BE CAREFUL: the insulin is one of most powerful hormones of the human body, the abuse of it conduce to the coma and even to the death in nothing as time.

** Take 0,32 ounce of high glycemic index carbs per Insulin Unit after the workout prior the insulin shot. So it will be 3,52 ounces of carbs (mix Vitargo, dextrose and maltodextrine) for me. Add BCAA, Whey and Micellar Casein, plus some Glutamine.

Once the program and new rules established, I’m starting to apply it, here it is.
Impression: first 1-T Tren application, heart beating, as each time I’m trying something new, some new supplement or substance helping me to become better. Little heat in application area during 5 minutes after the application, and - placebo effect - feeling to be bigger and stronger, immediately. The power of auto suggestion is really working for the mind and the body - I know it doesn’t working yet, but feel as it was 100% already active.


So, today’s program is:
- pushups - 20
- barbell bench press - 10//8//6//4 - max weight is 331 pounds
- weighted dips - 8//6//4 - max weight is 44 pounds
- incline barbell bench presses - 10//8//6//4 - max weight is 287 pounds

- seated military barbell presses - 10//8//6//4 - max weight is 154 pounds
- wide - grip upright barbell rows - 8//6//4 - max weight is 132 pounds.

That’s why weight are so light. As a friend of mine call it: “Pussy weights”.
It’s bad, need to be focused on one thing, during workouts at least. All external thought disturbing and avoid the really good “old way” workout. Need to be more “in the iron” to be more efficient. Let’s continue the right way, nobody can do it but me. Light weight, baby

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SECOND CYCLE: Heavy weights

by admin on mai.23, 2009, under Diet, Workouts

The cycle starting tomorrow is planned for 4 weeks. The goal is to lift the heaviest weights possible to build strength - and bulk some great quality and density mass. The greatest strength means greatest volume of training, so speeding up the muscle building. The most important thing is to avoid injuries and form breaks, so need to find the right weights quickly.

The difference with the first cycle is the absence of all isolation exercises, means all dumbbell exercises are replaced with barbell ones. Building also strong foundations, allowing to lift more even after, during the cutting cycle.

I keep the same diet during this cycle, adjusting just calories because of my body weight evolution, adding some for new 7 pounds taken in 2 weeks. But the basics still same.

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Today’s feeling

by admin on mai.23, 2009, under Mood

I hate myself today, I hate physic I have. I mean I’m big weared, but when taking off clothes, it’s far to be prefect. I mean, it’s creazy: off season, you looks big with clothers but really small naked. And during contests, big and beautiful naked and small and tiny weared. Never happy with body building, I think that’s why I still focused to be better, bigger, stronger, more ripped, more… all. Endless story, perfection research, I hope one day being a littlle satisfied of work done. Never 100% satisfied, only a little. For that, need to become better. Keep push myself.

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by admin on mai.23, 2009, under Results, Workouts

I’m really excited about tomorrow’s feeling. First day of 1-T Tren cycle.

Today’s scale score was…239 pounds, 3 more than last week. Speed slow down, need to improve performances, tomorrow will be a hard training day, light weight, baby.

I’m doing a little “off diet” day. Beer, cakes, pizza…sometimes it’s really good, especially for the mood.

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by admin on mai.23, 2009, under Workouts

Today is the rest day, tomorrow also, then let’s start the 2nd workouts micro cycle, hard and heavy, to bulk the real mass, shock fibres, grow and anabolise, anabolise and grow.

Tomorrow is also the scale test, as each week, to see if the weights goes always up, we’ll see.

I’ll also start tomorrow my cycle with 1-T Tren from Primordial Performance, to grow really more, I keep you updated.

Keep going, only forward

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by admin on mai.21, 2009, under Workouts

It’s a legs day again, I like it, nobody likes this day, but what a great feeling at the end of the workout.

- Bodyweight squats - 25
- Front squat - 12/10/8/6 - with 309 pounds, 22 pounds more
- Leg press - 12/10/8/6 - with 750 pounds,  67 pounds more
- Plate loaded squat - 12/10/8/6 - with 595 pounds, 44 pounds more
- Leg extensions - 12/10/8 - with 209 pounds, 11 pounds more
- Curls - 12/10/8 - with 165 pounds, 11 pounds more

Standing calves - 15/12/10 - with 220 pounds, 22 pounds more
Seated calves - 15/12/10 - with 419 pounds, 199 pounds more

Progressing, little step by little step

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by admin on mai.21, 2009, under Workouts

Again today is the arms day, my arms are like spaghettis, need to be really BIG.
- Lying triceps extension - with 117 pounds,
- Seated overhead extensions - 53 pounds, 4,5 pounds more
- Push downs - with 88 pounds, 11 pounds more

- Cheat barbell curls - with 108 pounds, 9 pounds more
- Incline dumbbell curls - with 44 pounds, 4 pounds more
- Preacher curls - with 49 pounds, 5 pounds more

- Romain chair sit ups - with 110 pounds
- Cable crunches - with 66 pounds, 11 pounds more
All weights goes up, great :cool:

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by admin on mai.21, 2009, under Funny things

So, after a medical check up conclusions are:

** I’m a highly overweighted person, need to lose weight, dangerous for me to stay as it.

** I need to take care about different “drugs” existing in the sport.

** What I’m doing is dangerous because of injuries and accelerated joint and
articulation wear.

** Even if all exams are good, I need to take care about my health and
follow my doctor’s advices (mine is really good, body builder also).

And about great questions:

** Is it dangerous what you are doing?
** You don’t feel it’s too much?
** And if you stop body building, what still?
** And my prefered question is “do you do some sports?” at the beginning, when I entered.

As usual, nothing new, nothing good, always same. Mentalities here aren’t easy to change, close to “impossible”. Need to change country ;)

The only positive thing was the medical staff disappointment when I took off my clothes. Scared, puzzled, completely out. So I need to bulk more and become really a BIG MONSTER to make people fall down the ground when seeing me :eek: So tonight will be hard workout, light weight baby.

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by admin on mai.21, 2009, under Workouts

Today will be a funny day - I’m going to the mandatory medical checkup for my work, performed every year. As in France body - building isn’t really popular, I’m preparing myself for all crazy, stupid and naive questions that people - even if it will be a part of medical staff - could ask.

People here calling out sport “pumping”, many are really thinking it’s enough coming at gym, taking weight and pumping for blow up, easy, quick and stupid. You don’t need to know nutrition, physics, chemical processes, kinetics, bio exchange processes of body…just pumping, crazy to hear that :eek:
That’s also why body builders are viewed as stupid guys, zero brain…ok, stop.

Today is the rest day, so I’m filling myself with glutamine, iBCAA, protein to recover as well as I can, tomorrow start again the preparation cycle. Next week it’s WAR, hard work, really heavy weights, power lifting. Mental preparation is also really important, so watching a lot of DVD with Mr Olympia and Arnold Classic contests, also some Jay, Ronnie, Markus, Dennis pre contest DVD, to push myself and my mind over limits. Following Arnold’s recommendations in Pumping Iron (THE Reference for me).

So, I’ll post my medical checkup results soon.

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