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All information about people helping me.

A few time ago, after my contests that year, 2009, I contacted some enterprises proposing good and useful supplements and asked them to help me. Naturally, all this people have many requests as mine every day, and it's hard and even impossible to satisfy all of them. Moreover, the sponsorship is the "both sides" thing. I mean if someone helps me, I help him.

So I'll do all to make a company known, to drive a good image of it throught my representations, contests, interviews, workouts and people advising. It's for me really important to know I'm useful and allow the growing and developement.

I hope being good enough to represent those brands helping me. I'm really grateful for them, and really appreciate they trust me. Thanks a lot, it's really great help.

All those companies are giving me products which are complemenary each other, as it I can really optimise my diet and my nutrition. I hope to win my future contests and show to all people that stuff really works great !