Welcome to Deniss's web site !

Finally after many time out I got some time to make again my website. It's just a beginning, check updates frequently.

Hint : check the photo gallery, my starting point. To make yourself the idea about who I am and show how my training and dieting methods are working on me. The blog part is updated daily with my progress, workouts and diet information. I just passed WBFF Professionnal, what means I really know my stuff :-).

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I hope the information on this website can be really useful for you. If you want me learn you how to transform your body and life, see the "My services" section. Feel free to post me all your questions, you can found me also on Facebook and on Sciteconline.com, french part. On the bottom of the page you can see my BJJ academy, Gracie Barra 75, really great one.

Enjoy the visit

So for now, the photo part of the site and blogs are already finished and working, I'm trying to update them as soon as I can, and the rest is coming.

For my full presentation - who I am, why I'm doing this, my competitions done, my motivations and idols - check the "About me" session.

I hope you enjoy the site and you like the way I'm doing things. I'm waiting for your comments and advices, thank you.

Contact me at denis.tchoumatchenko@gmail.com

Last news

Many photos are added to the gallery.

I got my WBFF Professionnal Card.

I'll start to work with a Guru used to form pro IFBB guys next month.

Other information

Click here to contact me

Click here to contact me